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Keeping it Cool

My home is usually beautiful and fresh, thanks to the ocean breezes. But I have a few rooms that tend to get very hot and stuffy at certain times of the year. I have decided to get a whole house humidifier to help keep down the humidity that is driving the heat up. I also want the dehumidifier to help me keep the house comfortable. If you are looking to purchase one, choosing the whole house dehumidifier does not have to be tedious and time-consuming. I have my top picks and I will review them to help you decide as well.


45-pint Dehumidifier from DeLonghi




I wouldn’t find a better dehumidifier to top my list than this one from DeLonghi. This is ideal for anyone looking to have device he can take a long even if he transfers to another place. This is because it is portable. The dehumidifier comes with at LCD screen that ensures that you maintain the tabs on the dampness level while setting it to the appropriate levels. The presence of the patented pump makes this device even more exceptional.  The pump steadily emits moisture from the unit via a hose, and therefore you will not empty it manually. You may pump out using the hose into a sink. Another thing about this dehumidifier that you will like is that it comes with a six-liter tank control system that comes with an alarm for notifying you when it is full. You can quickly see the level of water as it is visible.

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  • It is easy to set up and therefore, there is no need to hire someone to help you with the setup.
  • It is easy to monitor the temperature, humidity and water level all thanks to the presence of the LCD screen display
  • It is portable, and therefore you may take it and use it anywhere you want.
  • It is easy to use
  • It can discharge moisture continuously and therefore there is no need for you to do it manually.
  • It saves energy
  • It lets you choose how to collect water


  • While doing research, I found out that most users complained about the device stopping to work after a short time. The pump is the most affected. While I did not have issues with it, I thought I would be useful to mention this here.


Ivation’s whole house dehumidifier


Ivation’s whole house

This is another one of my favorite. I love not because I own it, but I have seen it at work. This is the dehumidifier that my mom uses, and I can recommend it to anyone looking to buy a whole house dehumidifier for a large space. It comes with a bright LED screen that shows fan speed and humidity level inside the room. This allows you to set your perfect levels of auto moisture regulation. The device comes with a timer that is well-situated and easy to match your lifestyle while saving you the power costs. The on and off switch is user-friendly and thus enables you to quickly turn the dehumidifier on and off without having to fine-tune the humidistat. You will also find the four roll casters of this device impressive. They are durable and also make moving from one room to another quick and straightforward.


  • It is user-friendly hence you do not need someone’s help to operate it.
  • Saves you energy costs thanks to the timer and frost sensor that ensure no bit of power is wasted.
  • The air filters are reusable, and this means you there are no additional expenses on supplies
  • You can quickly read the humidity level due to the presence of the LCD
  • It is moveable, and therefore you can use it anywhere in your residence.
  • The see-through water level meter lets you monitor the water level in the tank
  • It can auto-restart after the power goes off unexpectedly.


  • I found out that the device may fail to get rid of moisture after some time of use.

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The best way to remove all the moisture from all your air is by using a dehumidifier. Having looked at the above alternatives, I believe you have already chosen one that matches your needs. As for me, I want to remove moisture and also be comfortable

An Office at Last

I’m transforming my one guest room into- an office. I have decided that I must have a dedicated office space in my home since I work solely at home with my photography and writing. There are several reasons and benefits of having a chosen office in a home, and that is why every freelancer needs it. Before I began to work from home, I had a visualized edition of what I would look like. It is obvious I would begin my day with a helpful exercise, refreshing shower, and also a hot cup of coffee as settle on the sofa to kick off my day. I had dreams of breaking during the day to wash dishes and change clothes. But that is not the case.
Nevertheless, I‘m excited to have it completed so I will be able to come in and sit comfortably in my new office. I will also get to work without distractions. It does not matter if you work at home or in an office, the atmosphere furniture will make all the difference. Ensure you plan your office wisely regardless of where it is so that you can be very best at what you do.


Improves creativity and productivity


Many small business owners and freelancers can be creative and productive regardless of the place like Scott Alan Turner. He built a seven-year figure business from the spare bedroom of his in-laws. The additional area was not perfect for Turner since it was adorned with florals with old furnishings. However, he managed to achieve something because of his obsession with his business.
Tuner states that his productivity and success came from his enthusiasm. He goes on to say that it does not matter if he is hitting on a keyboard on the sofa, library, on a jet, or front porch. The advantage he gets from a selected workspace is to put his big monitor and large keyboard. These two things increase his productivity.
As an individual, I realized that is not the same for me. This is after I discovered that having a selected and adorned workstation assisted both my creativity and productivity.


Inventive advantages of a bedecked workstation



Work station

Carrie Smith, the lady behind the appreciated entrepreneurship website, Careful Cents, discovered that having an orderly and adorned room assisted her to advance her business. Smith says that she spent many years finding out how to arrange her office so it would be a more yielding workstation. She was so frustrated with the outline and how it smothered her originality. Smith eventually decided to purchase a few new furnishings and perform an entire office remodel. She has done a lot since I managed to do that. She has also been able to focus on making my blog a brand, join forces with other freelancers, and in general feel more imaginative.


Lessens interruptions


Having a selected workstation can assist to decrease interruptions such as social media. The co-owner of I am That Lady blog together with his spouse stated that a standing desk had supported his productivity. Mark realized that when he is in the active position, he remains engaged with productive things and he is less distracts private emails and social media.


Financial advantages of a home office



Home office


If you want to prove further that having a selective workroom is essential when you are a work-at-home individual, try the economic gains of having a working area at home. The IRS gives a reduction of tax for individuals who utilize part of their residential, mainly for work or business. Also, having a home office is somehow less expensive as compared to leasing a co-working space on a monthly.
In general, many individuals working from the comfort of their home usually find that having a dedicated workroom is necessary for managing their business efficiently.
Todd Tresidder, the appreciated financial trainer at, summarized it in the best way by stating that a workstation signifies productivity. All are committed and orderly to one function, minus disruptions. When I go to the area, I have just one reason in mind, and no interruption. The positive attention is what creates outcomes. If it were not committed it wouldn’t function, and neither would I.
This is not an excuse not to go to the coffee shop or library to have a change of setting. However, having a dedicated, orderly, and adorned office where you can keep away interruptions is necessary.

The Healing Ocean

I love living at the ocean. I feel that I’m healthier because of it.  Surfers, ship’s captains, sailors, seaside dwellers, and marine biologists can testify to the strange draw of the ocean. The profound immensity, considerably larger than the continents all together and overflowing with magic feelings and sounds appears to signal to humans bizarrely. It is a location human cannot discover minus utilizing devised devices, and a place of a lot of power and note that heathen tradition committed a God to represent it. Surfers and sailors will inform you that when at the ocean, they sense the presence they cannot explain to those who have not detected it


There are several reasons for the gains given by the sea from happiness to health; you need to use much of your time at the ocean.


Utilizing your time at the ocean makes you calmer. According to scientists, human beings have a blue mind. It indicates that our minds are hardwired to respond optimistically to water. Listening or looking at the ocean offers the mind a break from overstimulation. The human brains do not blackout, they just change how they function, giving them a call for to relax. Usually, the release of contentment chemical follows. The air at the ocean is good for the lungs.


Here are the benefits of the shores


Natural antiseptic


Any scrapes, sores, acne, cuts, or inner irritation is possible to heal faster after you spend time inside the ocean. This is because salt is a natural antiseptic.  You just need to run in and out of the beach. This is healthy and is equal to cleaning a cut using salt water.


Beach walk


Improves person connectedness


According to researchers, facing the water triggers the mind to discharge awe chemicals. The awe chemicals are unpacked when gazing at something remarkable. all together this occurs, a person’s brain usually feels linked to the world and those nearby. Staring at the ocean with a loved one impacts your connection with them.


It makes exercising better


It happens on two grounds; the ocean offers protection from overstimulation, and therefore it can mentally concentrate on what is necessary. Energy is sustained for an extended period. Exercising even as persons surround you is fatiguing, whether you notice it or not. It is exhausting for the body to take up the happiness around and at the same time work to break down and build muscles. When the body gets a rest from the machines and crowds close to you, it will sustain the energy for an extended period. You will have a better sleep after exercising at the beach. Three incidence that hinder sleep include bodily strength, hormonal inequities, and stress. Sunlight, movement, water, and fresh air all relive the mentioned ailments.


Alleviate arthritis and muscle soreness


Picture of a man working out in the beach


If you experience constant pain, it is possible that water exercises are the ideal option for you. There is no overstrain in water and the effect that is present with land exercises. As you all know, staying active, physically, is clandestine to health and youth. Water offers a pleasurable and safe atmosphere for individuals to work up themselves, minus aching.


Fills magnesium to the skin


Magnesium is the fourth mineral when it comes to abundance in a person’s body. It is necessary for blood coagulation, nutrient metabolism, and tissue function. Ocean water contains magnesium and just being inside for a short time lets your skin to take in what it requires in health.



When all around you is nature, the beach’s calm environment and components that scientifically support your physical well-being, it gets hard and sad. Therefore, remembering that happiness and health is the ultimate goal, set time in your busy schedule to utilize some time next to the ocean. You will value nature, yourself, and the strangeness of big saltwater bodies huge than our brains can understand